Amsterdam Duty Free Experience: All You Need To Know

Amsterdam Duty FreeLooking ahead to walk along the beautiful canals of the Amsterdam city and party all night at the vibrant streets of the city? While you do this on your next city to this astounding part of Deutschland- do not forget to experience the most recommended Amsterdam Duty Free shopping. The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the leading airports in terms of its excellence in Duty Free shopping- measured by its large commercial area, wide assortment of products and excellent after-sale service.

Trademark of Amsterdam Duty Free Shopping

The See Blue slogan has been a trademark for the Amsterdam Duty Free for long. Shops carrying this logo, features at all different parts of the airport. They are opened for longer intervals facilitating flights round the clock.Giving you the opportunity to shop duty free prices whenever you like.

Destinations and the Same Price

One of the biggest perk of duty shopping at Amsterdam is the uniform price applied for all the destinations. After 1999, the abolishment of the duty free shopping within Europe, such a trait is welcoming for many European residents. Also, the prices tend to be much lower than other European airports. With special offers, the rates can go as low as 30%.

Paying for Your Products

Ease at payment is another attribute of an average shopping experience of Amsterdam Duty Free shopping. All chief currencies are being accepted at the stores, as well as the credit cards. The airport has a wide network of Automated Teller Machines. However, due to the large land-area, it is recommended to allot couple of hours for your shopping.

Be Updated

Do make sure that you go through Duty Free Addict to be updated about the different rates and super sales in Amsterdam city. This is important as the city sees a much frequent change of rates and sale offers.


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