Bvlgari Duty Free Products: An In-Depth Review

Bvlgari Duty Free

The Bvlgari Duty Free shops stock original products from the famous Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand. Bvlgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. With the headquarters situated in Rome, Italy, the company has stores all over the world. Owing to the kind of quality associated with Bvlgari products, there are many counterfeits posing as the real McCoy. It is for this reason that customers are encouraged to always shop in authorized Bvlgari Duty Free shops. It is also an advantage since it will cost cheaper due to duty fees omission.

How to Tell an Original Bvlgari Duty Free Product from a Fake

Bvlgari products include watches, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories. The watches and most of their jewelry have large gold pieces that appear to be interlocking with steel. This makes them stand out. The gold and steel are authentic and the watches are heavy. The counterfeit watches on the other hand look cheap and are poorly finished which is unlike any Bulgari product. The unique serial number at the back of any Bvlgari watch is recorded in the company. Confirming it with the company before making a purchase can be a brilliant idea as well. The jewelry, mostly made of sapphire stones should also be carefully examined to avoid being swindled.

Purchasing Bvlgari Products

Visiting the Bvlgari Duty Free shop is a brilliant idea. There is an option of making online purchases by visiting their official website. The latter is also advisable since you can get to compare the prizes and while at it, protect yourself from purchasing counterfeit products. The Bvlgari watches and jewelry always give the buyer their money’s worth as there will always be an aura of class floating around the wearer each and every place they go.

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