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Dubai Duty Free – Shopping at Dubai Airport

Dubai Duty FreeIts no wonder Dubai Duty Free created such a large duty free shopping offering. The Airport is the second busiest airport according to Airports Council International, servicing more than 145 airlines flying to more than 260 destinations across six continents.

So with such a massive consumer base (US$1.6 billion turnover in 2012) and so many deals on offer, Duty Free Addict thought we would give you a run down of the Duty Free Shopping on offer at Dubai International Airport.

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Singapore Duty Free – Shopping at Changi

Singapore Duty Free - Shopping at Changi

Singapore Duty Free – Shopping at Changi

Singapore Duty Free Shopping at Terminal 1, 2 or 3 – who has what and which is best?

On a recent overseas trip I found myself having to spend a 3 hour stopover in Singapore Duty Free. Now usually I’d head into the city, find a bar, get my drink on and head back closer to my departure time. This time I spent my three hours wondering through Terminal 1 of Changi Singapore Airport, given my usual stop overs in Singapore Duty Free were to Terminal 3, I started to compare the terminals for duty free experience. Continue reading

Hong Kong Duty Free – Shopping at Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Duty Free

Hong Kong is Asia’s world city, and you get a first glimpse into the experience you are about to receive as you enter Hong Kong Duty Free at the International Airport. Hong Kong with an eclectic mix of cultures its not quite like anywhere else in Asia, Europe or America… all I know is its AWESOME!

After my recent trip to Honkers, here’s a snap shot of the best things about the Airport and in particular, the Hong Kong Duty Free experience as well as a few of the must do’s during your stay.
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