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Lotte Duty Free Shops: The Convenient Details

Lotte Duty Free

Being started roughly two decades ago, the Lotte Duty Free shops serve travellers with well over 500 different kinds of luxury goods from different companies worldwide. The Lotte Duty Free shops also have branches in the center of Seoul for the purposes of convenience. These products are original since they are obtained directly from the company thus protecting customers from counterfeit products. Apart from luxurious brands from all over the world, travellers will also be treated to Korean products as well. Continue reading

Poland Duty Free Shops: What a Traveler Needs To Know

Poland Duty FreeThe fully stocked Poland duty free shops do have a wide range of products from top-notch brands worldwide being offered at cheaper prices. This is because of the omission of duty, which makes it affordable. These Poland Duty Free shops are a part of the Lagard Ere Services, the leading travel retail market. Travelers who are interested in purchasing original brands at duty free prices are encouraged to visit the Lagard Ere services official site and get filled in. Continue reading

Canada Duty Free: A Snapshot of Duty Free Benefits

Canada Duty FreeCanada Duty Free shopping is an economical deed. A large proportion of travelers tend to buy duty free when they cross borders at Canada. Going with the norms of the usual duty free procedures, the traveler is supposed to take the products out of Canada within next 48 hours, produce the receipt of purchase at the customs, and adhere with the specified amount of quantities of certain products. Failing to achieve any of the conditions can result in confiscation of the purchased items. Continue reading

Russia Duty Free: All You Need to Know To Save

Russia Duty FreeRussian cities and villages are a popular tourist spot. Attracting tourists from all over the globe, this has given rise to a strong prominence of Russia Duty Free prospects. Besides tourism, many travelers stop at Moscow and St Petersburg airports for a transit flight. While they stay, most prefer duty free shopping due to the competitive prices for high-end products.

Continue reading

Mexico Duty Free Shops: Brand Names at Knock off Prices

Mexico Duty Free

The Mexico Duty Free shops offer original brands only. It is because of this that travellers are always advised to make their purchases in these duty free shops since they are convenient and affordable. They also stock a wide variety of goods from different, world-renowned brands. The Mexico Duty Free shops deal in cosmetics, skin care products, alcohol, tobacco products, sportswear, fashion accessories. and many other goods and services. Continue reading

Philippines Duty Free Shopping Experience

Philippines Duty FreeShopping in the Philippines Duty Free shops has its fair share of advantages. Firstly, there is no such thing as counterfeit products. All the products are from the original brands. The prices on every item in these Philippines Duty Free shops have a lower price tag compared to the ordinary shops. This is because of the convenient tax omission from all the brands in stock. There are also ATM machines at the customer’s disposal if they don’t have ready cash on them. Continue reading