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Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum

Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum

Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum

Duty Free Addict has launched a Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum.

Duty Free Addict is a website dedicated to helping travellers find and share information on where to find shopping bargains globally. Duty Free Addict currently consists of three sites:

1. Duty Free Price Comparison site –

2. Apple Price Comparison site –    and now

3. Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum –

Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum

The Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum will enable travellers to ask questions directly on the forum and receive answers from our extensive community of duty free shoppers.

Over the years we have received thousands of questions directly from our community of over 7,000 subscribers. Whilst we endeavor to answer as many questions as possible, we feel that our community would benefit from being able to talk directly to each other. The massive size of our community will allow users to receive up-to-date and well-researched answers from fellow travellers in an expedient manner. 

The benefit of a Duty Free Shopping Chat Forum is that we will be able to provide more detailed and enriched answers to the community. Today we provide insightful information on where the cheapest place is to shop and the Duty Free Chat Forum will now enable our community to help travellers find our where to shop.

The Duty Free Addict team will remain committed to helping our users find the best bargains whilst shopping overseas and we will continue to answer questions as part of our curated community of frequent travellers. 

We will continue to provide price updates on the Duty Free Addict and Apple Price Index price comparison tools. We will also continue to send out periodic updates to our email subscribers with the insider market insights.

Please check out the new site and also feel free to subscribe to our email list to receive quarterly updates


Apple Price Index – a new website from the DFA crew

Apple Price Index

Apple Price Index

Due to popular demand from our users, the DFA crew has released a new website exclusively for Apple products known as the Apple Price Index.

Apple Price Index compares the price of Apple products globally, much like the Big Mac Index. Unlike Duty Free Addict, Apple Price Index does not take into account duty free discounts available to travellers and simply represents the recommended retail price of Apple products including domestic taxes (i.e. the take-home price for a local consumer, e.g. a Brit in the UK, an Aussie in Australia or an American in the USA).

Apple Price Index – why prices vary

Whilst Apple products are manufactured in one place, there remain a number of reasons why prices vary globally (sometimes significantly). Some reasons include taxes, transport costs, wage costs, rent. Further, frequent fluctuations in currency (vs less-frequent price releases) also represent an opportunity for travellers to arbitrage the price of Apple products whilst overseas vs prices at home (this is why Duty Free Addict exists). For these reasons, we tend to see large variances in Apple prices between locations.

Apple Price Index – Travellers arbitrage

For travellers looking for duty free prices of Apple products, continue to look here at Duty Free Addict. Apple products are a perfect gift and are generally an easy product to buy whilst overseas as they work globally (charging via usb) and are generally small and fit easily into your suitcase! For local consumers (i.e. an Aussie in Australia or an American in the USA), head over to Apple Price Index to see how your local prices compare vs your global compatriots!

Apple Price Index – 100 products in 12 countries

Apple Price Index is currently in beta and includes around 100 products in 12 countries. Prices are updated frequently and we hope you find the insights useful.

If you are interested in receiving periodic updates every time Apple releases its new product and price list, please head over to Apple Price Index and subscribe to our email list.

We hope readers find the information useful and we would be happy to provide more information for those who wish to email us.

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