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Apple iPhone Duty Free – compare prices and why it’s a great traveler

Apple iPhone Duty Free

Apple iPhone Duty Free

Why you should buy the Apple iPhone Duty Free and why it is the new swiss army knife for travelers! Unlike the knife, they will let you take it on the plane, but you will have to turn it off during takeoff and landing! Whilst the Apple iPhone 5 serves as a great phone and music player, there are also a number of different applications that will save you plenty of room in your luggage for more duty free shopping!

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Bose SIE2 Sports Headphones


Are you travelling overseas and want to know where to buy the Bose SIE2 Sports Headphones Duty Free? Well, unlike the SIE2i’s (where South Korea is cheapest), the Bose SIE2 Sports Headphones are  currently cheapest in Japan and most expensive in Canada (+13% difference!). For up to date price information and other duty free price comparisons please refer to Duty Free Addict.

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Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume


South Korea is currently the cheapest place to buy the Estee Lauder Beautful Eau De Parfum (ADP) duty free based on the 11 countries we have surveyed. South Korea is followed by Hong Kong, the UK and Singapore. The most expensive countries surveyed were Australia, Dubai and Japan. Canada, America, France and Germany were also surveyed.

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