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Duty Free Prices

Duty Free Prices represent the price travelers can buy products for whilst overseas. Duty free shopping allows international travelers to purchase goods tax free or to claim a tax refund after a purchase. Therefore, duty free prices allow consumers to buy products without paying certain taxes. This is particularly attractive for highly taxed or expensive goods, where duty free prices provide travelers with significant savings relative to retail pricing.

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Where Is Duty Free Shopping Available?

Duty free shopping is usually available to travelers who buy goods at duty free stores in cities or at airports, generally on the condition that they take the products with them out of the country.

Where is Duty Free Shopping Available?

Typically travellers will be required to present a stamped tax refund form, the product, the receipt, their passport and their departing tickets at airport customs prior to departure. Sometimes large department stores will have a refund facility located within their premises, but we always recommend seeking help from the cashier at the time of purchase.

How Much Is The Duty Free Refund?

Unfortunately this is not an easy question to answer with taxes varying by country and sometimes even by state or province within a country. Firstly you need to determine whether the quoted price (typically the RRP) includes or excludes tax. Then you need to determine what the applicable tax on the product is, whether the country offers a tax refund scheme and finally how to claim the refund.

What Is The Minimum Purchase?

This varies by country and can be as small as €25 (Germany) or as much as A$300 (Australia). For more information on a specific destination and their duty free regime click here.

How Much Can I Save?

The amount of saving varies depending on location and sometimes the product. For example a visitor to Australia will save up to 10% off their purchase on all products and a visitor to the UK will save up to 20%  VAT… depending on what product they buy.

How Can I Benefit?

The Problem

Unfortunately duty free prices are not very transparent due to differences in tax regimes, duty refund schemes / rules and constantly changes currencies. Therefore, at any given point in time, it is difficult to compare the prices of identical products on a constant currency basis.

Here are a few examples:

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