Estee Lauder Duty Free – Beautiful Perfume

Estee Lauder Duty Free

Estee Lauder Duty Free

Wandering through the duty free shops at the airport and wondering whether it makes sense to buy Estee Lauder Duty Free for your wife / girlfriend? Well the Answer most certainly depends on where you have come from, where you are going and where you currently are (e.g. in transit). Why? Because the price varies wildly for Estee Lauder Duty Free and you can potentially save a significant amount if you plan it carefully!

Estee Lauder Duty Free – where to buy?

Well, at the time of writing this article (which will be outdated by the time you read it!) South Korea was the cheapest place to buy the Estee Lauder Beautful Eau De Parfum (ADP) duty free based on the 11 countries we have surveyed. South Korea was followed by Hong Kong, the UK and Singapore. The most expensive countries surveyed were Australia, Dubai and Japan. Canada, America, France and Germany were also surveyed. The price varied by over 50% and therefore we strongly recommend you checking out the prices before you go!

Estee Lauder Duty Free – why should I buy it?

The great thing about this product is that it fits neatly into your hand luggage, is easy and light-weight to carry and is non-perishable. Therefore, even if you get home and your wife already has enough perfume stocked up – you can save it for the next significant Birthday or Christmas present! win-win!

The other compelling reason is that this is a fantastic bottle of perfume. It has a beautiful scent that almost all of my girl-friends enjoy. Therefore it is safe to say “you can’t go wrong” with this one! Not to mention it is the scent marketed by the gorgeous (beautiful!) Charlize Theron. If it is good enough for Charlize – then I’m sure it’s good enough for your wife!

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