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MAC Duty Free

MAC Duty Free

If you’ve been wondering where the cheapest airport in the world is to buy MAC duty free, look no further! Duty Free Addict offers a substantial list of items and ratings of where they are cheapest. You never know, you may just decide to travel to a destination purely for their cheap MAC duty free products!

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When it comes to MAC Duty Free – the savings on their eye shadow are out of control! You’ll want to make sure you visit Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Places to avoid paying for overpriced eye shadows include Japan and Australia.

MAC Duty Free – History

M.A.C. Cosmetics was originally founded in Toronto, Canada in 1984 and the first US store opened later in 1991 in New York. At first, the products were geared towards professional make-up artists but today M.A.C. is pretty much a household cosmetics name worldwide.

Back in the days when makeup artists were relying on heavy cosmetics, stage makeup and cakey textures to create dramatic visual effects that could withstand stage lighting, M.A.C. cosmetics appealed to their requirements. The company has since moved onto to softer, lighter ranges but there are still good varieties and a little bit of something special for everyone.


In 2011, M.A.C. and Warner Bros. teamed up to create a Wonder Woman makeup collection that was set to launch in the spring of that year. The superhero collection included products such as lip gloss, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, nail polish and mineral powder – even superheroes need to look their best and there’s no reason why you can’t too when you enjoy great savings on MAC duty free products.

One of the biggest attractions of M.A.C. cosmetics is that many of the products are oil free.

The skincare range, available at most MAC. duty free stores, has been designed to be highly functional and includes an enticing array of products such as moisturisers, cleansers and so much more.

The company’s eye range is uber impressive. They offer everything from eye-liners and eye shadow to mascara, lashers, primers and pigments – you name the look you want and you’re sure to find a M.A.C. eye product for it. They often bring out seasonal limited edition products, so if you’re travelling during a certain season and looking for a certain style, remember to check out the MAC duty free shops.

M.A.C. originally became famous for its lipsticks. The textures, formulas and colors they offer continue to bring in new fans of the cosmetics whether you’re looking for their well-loved Lipglass or their signature matt finish.

If there’s one thing you simply have to try in the M.A.C. range, it’s their facial products. They claim that their foundations cater to every skin type, age and color and teamed with one of their complementary finishing powders, concealers and bronzing powders, you can build up a seriously universal collection of great makeup.

M.A.C. also offers a great range of tools. When you’re next in a MAC duty free store, have a look at their range of brushes. They claim that their brush selection have been designed to support the techniques of profession artists. They have brushes for lips, eyes and face that are made from synthetic fibers and manufactured to last a long time.

A Socially Responsible Company

M.A.C. isn’t just about cosmetics – the company has a lot of heart. This is evident in the five social initiative programs that they have in place at the moment, including:

  • M.A.C. Cruelty-Free Beauty which revolves around the principle of prohibiting testing of products on animals. They’ve also extended this policy to all of their suppliers.
  • The Back 2 M.A.C. Recycling initiative is all about offering free products at any M.A.C. location (ask at a MAC duty free store if this applies)when six empty M.A.C. containers are returned. Free items include Lipglass, eye shadows and lipstick. There are limitations to what a customer can choose.
  • M.A.C. Kids Helping Kids. This initiative was started in 1994 with the aim of reproducing greeting cards from images that are created by kids suffering from HIV/Aids in one way or another. All proceeds from the cards go back to the participating organizations.
  • M.A.C. Aids Fund supports community setups that provide services to people infected or affected by HIV/Aids.
  • M.A.C. Viva Glam. With this one, all the proceeds made from purchases of any Viva Glam product including lipglasses, lipsticks and those really convenient holiday sets you can pick up in MAC duty free) go to the M.A.C. Aids Fund.

MAC Duty Free

Since M.A.C. Cosmetics is a global brand they have a large presence in duty free stores around the world. You can check out Duty Free Addict to compare costs across the globe.

Their stores are either shop-in-shop or standalone outlets in major airports and since cosmetics don’t tend to attract excise duty on sales tax; the M.A.C. products you can pick up at airports are duty free.

However, in some countries there are relatively high import duties for luxury products and this can be evident in some of the high cosmetics prices in shopping malls. That’s why it can be a real bargain buying your MAC duty free at the airport!

What to Look Out For in 2013

So what should you be looking out for on your travels this year? Well, think blush that makes you look flush, sensual glows, smoldering eyes and dark, long lashes. Complete the look with lacquered nails in metallic hues.

Lipstick must-haves include:

  • Feed the Senses
  • Just a Bite
  • Smash Hit
  • By Design

Lipglass sensations this coming season:

  • Utterly Tart
  • Ultimate Dish
  • Lust for Life
  • Liqueur
  • Fashion Punch

Don’t forget about your nails on your travels with these luscious colors:

  • Sinfully sweet
  • Magnificent Feast
  • Rebel
  • Impassioned
  • Discotheque

Even if you’re not a big fan of cosmetics, M.A.C. products make for great gifts and reasonable prices when shopping duty free.

Browsing through the impressive array products is a great way to past time at the airport and you are sure to find that must have product that will have you feeling like you’re boarding a flight having had the ultimate makeover!

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