Chopard Duty Free Luxury Goods

Chopard Duty FreeThe Chopard Duty Free watch and Chronometer Company was started by one Louise-Ulysse Chopard back in 1860. Even though the headquarters are at Geneva, Switzerland, Chopard is a luxury watch and chronometer brand recognized on a worldwide scale. This is because of the kind of high quality products that it does offer. Chopard started as a pocket watch and chronometer manufacturing company that has managed to win customers on a worldwide scale thanks to its uniquely designed products. Continue reading

IWC Duty Free Watches: The Acme of Timepiece Sophistication

IWC Duty FreeIt would be difficult for one to name their top luxury watch brands without the IWC products popping up. The IWC, the international watch company in full, has been in business for over a century. This means that all the products you are to find in the authorized IWC Duty Free shops will more or less satisfy your preferences. The company uses its experience to its advantage and happens to satisfy their customers as effectively as possible. Continue reading

Talisker Duty Free: Reviewing the Talisker Malt Scotch Whiskey

Talisker Duty FreeThe Talisker Duty Free whisky is very popular presently since it represents a unique taste that cannot be found in any ordinary whisky from an ordinary brand. Apart from its distinctive taste, the Talisker Duty Free whisky has been there for close to two centuries. This gives it enough experience to master the art of bottling and packaging their high quality product in the most appealing manner thereby attracting their customers. Continue reading

Glenlivet Duty Free Shops: A Quick Review of the Products

Glenlivet Duty FreeCustomers all over the world look for one thing in everything they consume- quality. Ever since the founding of Glenlivet  brand of whisky in 1824, the brand has always put customer satisfaction on the forefront. This explains why it is such a successful brand. You can get the high quality malt Scotch whisky in authorized Glenlivet Duty Free shops at affordable prices. This is because of duty omission which makes it much cheaper.   Continue reading

Seiko Duty Free Watches: Conserving Excellence

Seiko Duty FreeSeiko has been known to watch admirers for more than 100 years now, and with every passing year, it has surpassed in excellence. Watches in Seiko Duty Free outlets are known for dependability and simple elegance. However, recently, Seiko has release some modish, stylish models, changing the game. These hippiest watches are receiving huge acclaim from the market. Interestingly named as Orange Monster, White Knight and the likes, these watches are far from traditional Seiko style, but promise to carry same longevity. Continue reading

Elizabeth Arden Duty Free: Continuing the Sheer Excellence

Elizabeth Arden Duty FreeElizabeth Arden Duty Free products are a popular shopping trend in many circles of the society. The high end skincare products are reputed for extraordinary quality and recommendation by dermatologists. Equally liked among men and women, the brand is ranked in top 10 skin care name in previous years. While shopping duty free, there are number of products you could select from a large range- and the company tries to provide solutions for different skin types. Continue reading

Guerlain Duty Free: A Quick Review of Insolence

Guerlain Duty Free

Guerlain is among the oldest perfume houses today- being in the business for more than 180 years. It began from a store on the street in a busy Paris center. It flourished as a family business, when two sons of founder Pierre Franciois joined hands to create exclusive fragrances. Soon it found a reputable place in the high society of the city, and the strong mouth of word laid the way towards strong foundations of the brand. Continue reading