Prada Duty Free Apparel: Reasons Why It Stands Out

Prada Duty FreeMario Prada founded Prada back in 1913. Mario always wanted to change the fashion industry by coming up with a unique collection that merged class and durability. And that was how the Prada brand was created. With its headquarters at Milan, Italy, the Prada Duty Free brand is one that is recognized on a worldwide scale. And it is because of this dedication to always offer original products that made it a premium brand back in the early 1990s, cementing Prada among the best luxury brand in the world.

A visit to any of the authorized Prada Duty Free shops worldwide and you will most definitely get these incredible products at an affordable price without any problems at all. These high quality luxury goods are offered at affordable prices since the duty has been omitted.

The Products Associated with the Prada Duty Free Brand

Over the years, the Prada brand has been associated with the creation of a variety of luxury products. These products include: ready to wear leather and fashion accessories such as shoes and belts. In 2007, they started making the Prada watches with the goal of making a change in the watch industry like they did with fashion. This didn’t really work out as the Prada watch project was suspended in 2012. These watches were loaded with Bluetooth technology that could easily connect to a mobile handset.

Prada Duty Free also ventures in perfumes and fragrances that make a plausible contribution to the perfume industry. Just like it is customary with any Prada brand product, these fragrances bring a unique scent on the scene that evokes a sense of class. An example of these fragrances include: Tendre for women launched in 2006 and Infusion d’Homme for men released in 2008.


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