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Sydney Duty Free

Sydney Duty Free

Sydney Duty Free shopping: To buy or not to buy at the airport.

Sydney Duty Free – Why we love it!

One of the things I always wonder when emerging through customs into Sydney’s Duty Free area at the airport is whether its cheaper here or cheaper where ever I’m lucky enough to be flying to this time. With this in mind I took a look at Sydney’s Duty Free shopping at Sydney Airport so next time I head away for another once in a life time trip I would know, should I buy my Duty Free in Sydney or should I buy whilst away on that next trip im already thinking about in my head.

(Now the disclaimer: this is purely based on prices and exchange rates at the date of this article so things might have moved a bit if you’re reading this a few months later).

Using Duty Free Addict, (the best site dedicated to providing travellers information on shopping abroad. Sign-upfor our free monthly newsletter with our latest updates.)  I took a look at what Duty Free Products are best to buy in Sydney and whats generally best left to when you reach destination.

Electronics at the Sydney Airport:

This is a line ball, Sydney is middle of the road in general for buying Duty Free Electronics and will depend significantly on where you’re travelling to. The Brands you want to focus on purchasing in Sydney are Apple, GoPro and Sony. Australia ranks in the cheapest two countries in our database for Duty Free products from these brands, only beaten by Japan in two of the three.

For all the other brands in our database Australia and Sydney are very much mid-range for Duty Free cheapness so its best to use our database and check if its cheaper to wait or not.

Some Key Findings:

Get your Apple iPhone in Australia as they are cheaper here at the moment than anywhere else! Beats by Dre are also pretty cheap in Sydney relative to Japan, South Korea and the United States. Whilst you Sydney Airport does not currently carry the apple iPhone, you can buy it from the Apple Store (or elsewhere) in Australia and then claim the tax back on departure.

Fragrances at Sydney Airport:

Just don’t do it, its a simple as that. For some reason, Sydney is generally one of the most expensive places to buy your Fragrances Duty Free. With the exception of Davidoff, Sydney ranks as one of the most expensive Duty Free locations to buy your smelly stuff. Its pretty safe to say that you’re better of waiting until you get to your destination and buying on your way home!

Key Finding

You can save almost US$40 by buying Chanel Coco Mademoiselle in the US.

Alcohol at Sydney Airport:

Now there are restrictions on how much you can bring in and whether or not you can actually take it home or not but if you can, make sure you stock up while your away. Alcohol in Sydney Airport’s Duty Free is typically a lot more expensive that other places in the world.

With that said there are always deals and specials going on with Alcohol in Duty Free all round the world so its probably worth doing a bit of a check while you’re waiting for your flight to see what specials are around because your can always grab some alcohol on your way back because Sydney has a pretty decent Duty Free selection on your arrival back into Australia.

Key Findings

White Spirits are more expensive here than anywhere else in our database. The specials available will change the stakes here so always check on your departure and stock up on your return if the specials are to your liking and make it cheaper!

Cosmetics at Sydney Airport:

Just like Fragrances and Alcohol Sydney has to be one of the more expensive Duty Free locations for Cosmetics. Buy Duty Free Cosmetics in Europe, the US or Asia, just dont do it here! It doesnt matter what brand you want, M.A.C., Lancome, Clinique or Clarins your better of buying these items Duty Free when your away and chucking them in your bag with the great feeling that you know you’ve saved a bunch of cash by stocking up at the Duty Free stores while you’ve been away.

Fashion at Sydney Airport:

Another line ball here. Its definitely worth using Duty Free Addict‘s comparison as there isnt any real significant trend here, there are some brands that are cheaper in Sydney’s Duty Free like Gucci, but it can also be way more expensive (i.e. Ray Ban Sunglasses). Overall though its a mid-range location so do your research!

Key Findings

Buy your Gucci products here, there are some serious savings (up to $700 on some products). Save $100 on Oakley Polarized Jupiter Sunglasses in Sydney Duty Free if you are going to Japan. 

Summary of Sydney Duty Free:

So if your an Aussie heading over sea’s its worth buying your Duty Free electronics and some fashion items before you leave and picking up everything else while your away. Sydney Duty Free has a great service where you can buy on their website and pick it up on your return so you don’t have to lug your purchases around the whole trip which is awesome!

Why not try your next destination and see whats best to buy in Duty Free while you’re away and whats best to buy here! Just use Duty Free Addict and get all the info you need!

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