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M.A.C. Duty Free

M.A.C. Duty Free - Logo

If you’ve been wondering where the cheapest airport in the world is to buy M.A.C. duty free, look no further! Duty Free Addict offers a substantial list of items and ratings of where they are cheapest. You never know, you may just decide to travel to a destination purely for their cheap MAC duty free products!

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What to do in an airport

iStock_000019469995XSmallEver found yourself wondering what to do in an airport? Plenty of people ponder this questions. It may be you’ve arrived at the airport a couple of hours before your flight and gone through checking in your bags; security and received your boarding pass. Now its “dead time.” You know, those few hours you spend doing pretty much nothing at the airport as you wait for your flight to board? You might be sitting at the departure gate, staring over at the runway thanks to the airline insisting you arrive up to three hours prior to the flight. Or perhaps you’re killing time between connecting flights; you’re flight has been delayed or you are wishing there was a break in the dreadful weather so you could get airborne.

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Charles de Gaulle Duty Free

Paris AirportThe layout of Charles de Gaulle airport may leave a lot to be desired and the short connection times and typically long distances between terminals means that transferring is not for the faint hearted. But Charles de Gaulle’s duty free shopping is amazing. Charles de Gaulle Duty free wasn’t always excellent, though, as the airport did suffer a bout of neglect up until about ten years ago when retail became more than a mere afterthought. This is especially so since the airport was privatized in 2006 and things have since improved dramatically. Today, Charles de Gaulle Duty Free has a retail offering befitting Paris’s status as Europe’s style capital.

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