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The Apple Products To Travel With

Apple TravelAre you one of those travelers who has an Apple device for just about everything? Or you’ve been following the DFA blog’s reviews and duty free prices! Are you wondering which apple products to travel with and which ones to leave at home? Continue reading

Dubai Shopping Festival – January 2014

Fireworks at the Dubai Shopping FestivalThe Dubai Shopping Festival is around the corner. In fact, this retail celebration kicks off on the 2nd January 2014 and runs until 2nd February 2014 and offers an infamous shopper’s paradise for unbelievable promotions and deals throughout the country. Continue reading

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai SkylineFrom seven star hotels and humongous skyscrapers to souks and even skiing – Dubai has it all. (And them some with the amazing duty free shopping). Next time you’re in Dubai, make sure you check out some of the these great tourist attractions, or perhaps if you have a stop over here, take an extra day off, book a night and check out what Dubai has to offer. Continue reading

North American Ski Destinations

SkiIf you’re an adventure addict and would love a white Christmas, consider these North American Ski Destinations this December, recommended by Duty Free Addict. We just know you’ll love the frequent snowfalls, gazing up to the tree lines that extend all the way to the top of the mountains and the fairly deserted pistes. There aren’t too many queues either, which means the lifts run smoothly. You’ll also find ample high-quality accommodation. And if you’re a dab hand at skiing, you can enjoy safely indulging without the need for safety equipment or a guide as every resort in North America has a ski area boundary marked out with ropes and signs. But you don’t even need to ski to enjoy a white Christmas in North America! Continue reading

Duty Free Argentina

Duty Free Argentina

Duty Free Argentina

Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Argentina is amongst the busiest airports in South America. In fact, it’s the main gateway for visitors traveling to Argentina. Situated 22 kilometers (14 miles) south west of Buenos Aires, the airport handles the majority of Argentina’s international flights and serves as many as nine million passengers each year. So whats Duty Free Argentina like?

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What to do in an airport

What to do in an airportEver found yourself wondering what to do in an airport? Plenty of people ponder this questions. It may be you’ve arrived at the airport a couple of hours before your flight and gone through checking in your bags; security and received your boarding pass. Now its “dead time.” You know, those few hours you spend doing pretty much nothing at the airport as you wait for your flight to board? You might be sitting at the departure gate, staring over at the runway thanks to the airline insisting you arrive up to three hours prior to the flight. Or perhaps you’re killing time between connecting flights; you’re flight has been delayed or you are wishing there was a break in the dreadful weather so you could get airborne.

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