TW Steel Duty Free Watches: The Top Two Models & Features

TW Steel Duty FreeHaving started 8 years ago, TW Steel has done a remarkable job to feature strongly in the market of watches. Today, they are sold in various countries, although their largest clientele is based in UK. Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries sell large number of TW Steel watches. The most striking features of the watches include robust steel structure, large face and bands.

The TW Steel Duty Free watches are primarily available in six different designs. Each of these models are available in either automatic or regular pattern. The first two are presumably the most popular ones. It is these two that will give you the best quality for your buck.

The Canteen Watch by TW Steel

The TW Steel Canteen watches carry a retro look- attracting a lot of young customers. The stainless steel bezel is the biggest lure of the watch. The Quartz analogue movement along with a quality strap made up of leather, this watch also contains a strong steel buckle. The mineral glass cover makes it a very durable timepiece.

TW Steel Duty Free Grandeur Diver Watch

The black and white watch has the same quality features as the Canteen model. However, it is its strong water resistance up to 100 m which makes it stand out of other products. The watch is principally designed for water divers- hence targeting a rather interesting niche. Most of the trusted reviews from clients suggest strong water-resistant features of the watch, making it a well-demanded product in last several months.   The rotating divers’ bezel is yet another selling point. The theme of the watch is very appealing too- with white numbers setting a stimulating contrast against the all-black background.

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