USA Holiday Destinations

USA Grand Canyon

USA Grand Canyon

Summer in the USA! Sunshine, exploration and adventure are all available, but hurry, because the Northern Summer is about to end! Read on for a few destinations to consider.


Arizona is better known as the Grand Canyon State and lies in the Southwest of America. With varying terrain, cultures and climate, this destination is sure to have something for everyone!

It is currently peak season (September to December) right now, thanks to the amazing weather. Arizona’s biggest attraction is unsurprisingly the Grand Canyon National Park. Visitors flock to the Grand Canyon because of its intricate, overwhelming and vibrant landscape. No wonder it is one of the seven marvels of the natural world!

Visitors typically arrive at the South Rim and take in the beauty of the canyon from many lookouts along the edge. There are miles and miles of walkways and for the adventurers – you could delve into the depths of the inner canyon by climbing down to the Colorado River!

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is also a must-see. The Skywalk offers a glass-bottom walkway that projects 70 feet over the edge of the canyon. For those without height issues (this counts me out!) - you can look 4000 feet below you to the bottom of the canyon!

Entrance fees range from $25 for a National Park vehicle permit to $12 per person… so what are you waiting for?

Niagara Falls

Whilst not technically in the USA, Niagara Falls is close enough (on the border Canada Ontario / US New York). Niagara Falls is the perfect destination to see an American summer.

Niagara Falls is one of those holiday destinations that offers an experience to match every visitor’s desire – from romance to thrill seeking. Niagara is also perfect for a family holiday with literally dozens of interesting attractions the route and countless exciting events and loads of fun activities that for children of all ages.

The Bird Kingdom is the world’s largest indoor aviary where there are more than 500 free-flying. Kids can turn into living statutes at the Butterfly Conservatory and have majestic fluttering creatures land on them! There are also several water parks and fun rides to be had.

If you’re a thrill-seeking traveler who prefers adrenalin-fueled holiday destinations, Niagara Falls will not disappoint. You can opt to ride down the river on an open-air Whirlpool jet boat and take a wet and wild ride through the wondrous white waters. What about a helicopter ride over the falls to really appreciate the mammoth scale of this marvel.

You can find great Niagara Falls packages here. Travelling to Canada? (Have a look at the great duty free stuff you can buy here!).


Memphis isn’t just for those wanting to remember the King of Rock and visit his Graceland home. It’s not only for lovers of Blues music. Memphis has a little bit of something for everyone and with temperatures slowly starting to drop; Memphis is a perfect USA holiday destinations at this time of year if you want to avoid high temperatures and humidity!

The Mississippi River should not be missed. It is the second longest river in the USA and by volume it’s the largest. It’s also the reason the area is known as the “River City.” There are some five miles of parks on the river bank that make for fantastic outdoor activities including canoe rentals, riverboat cruises and other fun water activities.

The most famous street in the city is Beale Street. It is home to the heart of entertainment with over 25 clubs and ample shopping opportunities. Whether you’re looking for holiday keepsakes, authentic soul food, and live music and somewhere to party all night, you’ll find it along this street.

One of the most unusual attractions in Memphis is the Peabody Ducks. Every morning, five ducks parade into the fountain in the Peabody hotel’s lobby accompanied by King Cotton March by John Phillip Sousa. The ceremony is reversed every evening when the ducks go back to their rooftop. Unbelievably this has been a tradition since 1932!

Graceland is by far the most popular tourist attraction. Here you are given the opportunity to tour Elvis’ mansion, view his collection of airplanes and automobiles and visit his grave.

New York

New York is another top USA holiday destination worthy of a visit before summer disappears. Here are a few of the top attractions:

1. Central Park

Explore Central Park with somewhat of a “divide and conquer” mentality! The park stretches for 840 acres so you’ll need a few visits to fully appreciate it. If you’d prefer to just check out the highlights you should take a stroll around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir or chill out in Sheep Meadow.

2. Coney Island

When you visit Coney Island you simply have to take a ride on the Cyclone – a fixture since 1927. The twister will whiz you through a dozen drops in just a few minutes at top speeds of 60mph. Try not to be too petrified of the ancient wooden tracks… they may break you know!!

3. Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty’s beacon still beckons visitors to the city. Hop on a boat and explore the 125 year old statue. For a close-up, grab a spot on the National Park Service’s free 30 minute tour of the grounds and the crown. The New York Water Taxi will also get you there for around $25.

4. South Street Seaport

This used to be the Fulton Street Fish Market building at Pier 17. In the early 1980s it was reconstructed as a top-class shopping mall. It attracts crowds and if that’s not your thing, take a detour to the actual pier and sneak a peek at the largest privately owned fleet of historic ships in the U.S. When you’re done, head to one of the area’s fantastic drinking destinations, especially Fresh Salt that offers great food and a nautically themed bar that used to be a fish smokehouse.


So get out of that hoodie and slippers, and get onto booking your last minute USA summer holiday as these are just some of the top USA holiday destinations. Remember before leaving to check out the duty free allowances for your destinations at Duty Free Addict!

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